Global Citizens

At Master Group, corporate citizenship is in our DNA. It not only reflects the fundamental beliefs and core values of our company, but also shows the uniqueness of both the people of Master Group and Master Group as a business.

For many years, our fundamental ideals have shown us who we are as well as our customers, shareholders, suppliers, competitors and society. To realize our potential by working together, we are required to adopt ethics and strategies that are consistent with our business development, and undertake our obligations and responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

Corporate citizenship requires more than the effort of a person or a company. We are the trigger of small sparks that lead to the realization of immense potential. 

With the expansion of our business, we continue to respond to various challenges. We invest our money, technology and smart resources in a sustainable way to benefit our customers, investors, employees and our communities. It is our undertaking to strive to become an exemplary corporate citizen, for which we will all make the utmost effort.

Our Communities

At Master Group, we continue to challenge our ability to innovate and fulfil our responsibilities to the communities where we work and live.

We are committed to various initiatives that not only promote our business development but also benefit our relevant cooperative partners and communities by addressing the challenges they are facing. We not only believe in volunteerism and making a contribution, but also take a hands-on approach. We exist in our communities. It is a matter of life and death to seek co-existence and mutual prosperity. 

Together with our outstanding cooperative partners, we make our communities more sophisticated and attractive by taking advantage of our technologies and funds. Our focus is on sharing, not keeping it all to ourselves. Working together allows us to do more and better and go even further. 

Our Philosophy

We are committed to providing assistance to the communities we operate in. We never show off our great efforts in charity work, because we believe that the comfort and help that are close to people’s hearts are of great significance.

Master Group wishes to have a positive influence in China through its actions, so that more and more people become involved in charity work.

“Wealth can be transferred or used in reproduction as capital to stimulate economic growth. It can be changed into jewellery or mega mansions as luxurious indulgences. But it can also be used to provide relief to children and people in poverty as a part of charity and humanitarian effort.” Master Group never shows off its wealth, and never hesitates to give. 

Help when it is most needed

Whenever a disaster strikes, we will do our bit and help those in need, because this is our unshakable responsibility.

Our volunteers can be seen everywhere. Their actions speak louder than words. Through our encouragement and influence, more and more of our cooperative partners, shareholders and even our competitors are involved in charity work. A small act of charity may be a great help to someone. It is the fundamental goal of charity work to get everyone involved. 

A company management with a strong sense of responsibility is the prerequisite for the company to be recognized by communities and to achieve sustained success.

As a reflection of our commitment to “realizing our potential by working together”, our actions have had a great impact on our customers, employees, shareholders and the environment and society as a whole.

We will continue our great efforts in the future to make sure that we fulfil each and every commitment we make to our customers, cooperative partners, stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.