We firmly believe in achieving our potential by working in cooperative partnerships. This is our natural pursuit, embedded in our DNA. 

We never follow the beaten track. Our vision enables us to get under the surface to find and achieve possibilities by working with our partners. 

We embrace diversity and inclusiveness, which allows our intelligence to grown exponentially and augments our passion and creativity.

From our smart investments in an extensive range of fields to our forward-looking and responsible energy development, or from our perfect interpretation of the luxury and fashion of cashmere to the world-class quality of our exclusive real estate, Master Group is always a top performer. We understand your expectations.

This is what we are born for. 


To explore our real potential, we won’t follow the beaten path to implement our plans.

We need inspiration and motivation to be able to get beneath the service to find and achieve possibilities by working with our partners.


We are aware of the changes our work brings to communities.

It is our goal to achieve harmonious and sustainable economic, social and environmental development for our stakeholders.

Empowering Cooperative Partnerships

We believe that a close cooperative partnership with individual partners is not enough.

A genuine partnership must be mutually inspiring, trusting and totally empowering. Such cooperation will be far better than solo actions by individuals.

Meticulous Attention

We never take short cuts. This is our survival rule.

We never stand still unless what we offer meets the highest international standards. We aim to continually go beyond expectations and seek the best.

Sincere Approach

For each of our cooperative partners and stakeholders, our focus is on sharing, not on differences.

We are willing to treat everyone with sincerity, whether they are our partners or competitors.