Workplace diversity

We must look to the future to expand our business. But our business operation requires us to also be focused on the present.

At Master Group, we embrace all sorts of challenges with our diverse and inclusive approach. As a diversified cross-industry group, our diverse range of businesses and their expansion in the future require us to take a flexible approach and consider the interests of various groups of recipients and stakeholders.

We need to embrace challenges and individuality with our diversity mindset and inclusiveness based on the needs of our business operations, while recognizing that various customers are representatives of their multicultural groups. The diversity and inclusiveness of our people are also our most valuable assets because they help improve not only our creativity and problem-solving capability, but also our ability to interact with our customers.

We strive to create and maintain a diversified workplace environment for:

Our Company

We strive for excellence.

To become an excellent company, we must have excellent people. Our people are selected from the most extensive range of applicants.

We employ people of various genders, ethnicities, sexual identities, religions, cultures, and physical abilities.

Our People

Teamwork is a part of our culture.

For a team to achieve outstanding performance, all team members must feel that they are in an inclusive environment that not only embraces differences but also supports and encourages the expression of different views.

Our people have the right to expect such a workplace environment and have their great lives and experiences recognized and valued by their teams and companies. On this basis, their passion and creativity reach an even higher level. 

Our Customers

The interests of our customers are our top priority.

In order to continue to provide them with innovative concepts and solutions, we must be able to have a full range of information and respond to various cultures with subtlety.

Our experience shows that we can only give our customers what they want most with the combination of our people’s insights, talents and judgement and their seamless cooperation.