Wind power for a low-carbon future

At the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, it was clear that developing energy sources with a low carbon footprint is a necessity for future energy management. 

The China delegation proposed to cut CO2 emissions intensity by 40–45% below 2005 levels, by 2020.

In 2010, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) indicated that to possibly achieve the 2°C objective (measured against pre-industrial global mean temperature), global emissions would have to peak before 2020, followed by substantial declines.

  • Wind power has been generated in Denmark and the USA since 1981
  • China commenced generating wind power in 1995
  • In 2010, China became the preeminent producer of wind power
  • China is the world’s largest wind power energy producing nation (31% of global capacity in 2014)

Source: Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) Global Wind Statistics 2014 

As China's forerunner in clean energy, Hanas is cooperating with the world's leading providers of wind energy solutions. Hanas established a new energy business division in 2009, with a total investment of RMB 10bn.


Hanas has constructed most of a 100 GW level wind power base in Yanchi County in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Alxa Left Banner and Luanjingtan in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

By the end of 2014, 18 wind power plants had been connected to the grid. 

Denmark's Vestas V90 wind power units were employed for the first stage of Yanchi 100 GW level wind power base. 

Each wind tower (powered by a Vestas V90 power unit) has a generation capacity of 2.0 MW and can operate in wind speeds of 3.5m/s. 

Hanas used satellite positioning and super-computer simulation models to optimize the position and maximum efficiency of the wind towers. 

Advanced EPCM

North China Power Engineering (NCPE) of China Power Engineering Consulting Group (CPECG) and Vestas Corporation of Denmark, are jointly responsible for project design, procurement and construction management. Vestas will provide remote real-time monitoring service and specialized management focusing on operational stability for 20 years.

Each wind farm is expected to generate 100GWh of green electricity to the power grid annually, the equivalent of 35,000 tons of standard coal fuel, reducing emissions by 23,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 540 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions, 300 tons  of nitrogen oxide emissions and 300 tons of airborne particulate emissions. In addition, freshwater resources (heavily used by these polluting energy sources) are significantly reduced.

Strategic Partners

Ningxia Islamic Geological Engineering Group manages the construction of the Wind Power Plant Project. It is the largest Class I enterprise for geological survey construction and foundation construction in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Ningxia Xing Dian Construction Project Management Co., Ltd. is the supervising the Wind Power Plant Project. It is a Class II supervision enterprise and is mainly working in the field of electric power engineering supervision and supervision business for housing construction projects.

China Power Large Equipment Erection Project Co., Ltd. is managing construction and installation of the wind turbines. It is a company with the Class I EPC certificate for the transportation of large power devices and transported large transformers for the Three Gorges Dam.

China Gezhouba Group Power Co., Ltd. is managing construction of the transformer substations of Hanas Wind Power Plants.

North China Power Engineering (NCPE) of China Power Engineering Consulting Group (CPECG) is providing design and EPC services for the Hanas Wind Power Plant Project.

Beijing Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. holds Class I and Class II EPC, general and specialized certificates for power project construction, foundation, high structure works, steel structure works, municipal utilities and environmental protection projects.

Vestas Corporation is a leading global developer of wind technology which has erected more than 35,000 wind power generators across 60 countries.

Siemens Transformers Co., Ltd. is a Sino-German joint venture and one of 8 Siemens transformer manufacturers. It designs and manufactures transformers using cutting-edge technology.

2011 to 2015


16 wind turbines for the first stage of Yanchi (Huianbao) Wind Power Plant was completed and connected to grid

The first blower of Yanchi (Huianbao) Wind Power Plant was completed and connected to grid

The first stage of Yanchi Huianbao Wind Power Plant was put into operation

Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), appointed as the third party review organization by the Executive Board (EB) of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, carried out the field eligibility review to CDM of four projects of the Hanas Wind Power Base


The first stage (49.5MW) project of Yanchi Master Wind Power Plant was accepted, put into operation, and incorporated into the State Grid Corporation of China

Ningxia Yanchi Hanas Gaoshanwo Cavity Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) Power Plant construction commenced

2007 to 2010


Construction of transmission towers for 110kV power transmission line commenced

Construction of 5 wind turbines completed

Construction of transformer substation for Wind Power Plant commenced

Turbines and blades installed
Liebherr 1200-ton truck-mounted crane (Asia's largest) erected wind towers

Foundation work of Dashuikeng Hanas Wind Power Plant completed 

The casting of 800 piles for Wind Power project completed

Construction of power substation commenced

Environmental Impact Statements for the first stages of Huianbao Hanas Wind Power Plant and Master Wind Power Plant released
Feasibility studies for (second stage of Dashuikeng Hanas Wind Power Plant, second stage of Mahuangshan Master Wind Power Plant and 2 Wanglejing Wind Power Plants) approved
Vestas engaged to supply wind tower equipment

Prephase construction for the wind farm projects including water, power supply and roads completed 


Environmental Impact Statements for the first stage of Mahuangshan and Dashuikeng wind power plants 

The new energy business division of Hanas Natural Gas Corporation formally established


Hanas conducted site selection for Mahuangshan Wind Power Plant


Hanas Group erected windfinding towers in Yanchi County

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