Career Progression

Some companies are simply a cut above the rest, and we believe that Master belongs in the exclusive category.  

As the Master portfolio is diverse, engaged in international markets and with partners all around the world, Master provides a broad platform for your career success.

Whether you are a professional or management elite, we will provide you with a world of opportunities, as we put you and your career at the very heart of the global industry.

Talent Development Strategy

Creativity, effort, change - it is all happening every minute, every second. Master can offer you the perfect platform to showcase your talents and develop yourself as a professional in a fast-paced, challenging environment, as long as you are willing to take up the challenge, work with the top talent in their respective fields and to face unpredictability.

Our goal is to develop every employee's potential while we achieve our company objectives. We believe that our people are the core of the company, and staff diversity the key to long-term success.

From the first day you join Master, our managers and the team will mentor you, helping you quickly comprehend the company's product and service portfolio as well as the market.


Master has a long tradition of providing on-the-job training as well as formal training and leadership development. Our formal and informal mentoring system promotes the existence of a friendly and cooperative working environment, helping you develop your skills, establish your professional style and building up your expertise along the way.

With us, your career development is assured as we continue promoting you based on your performance and potential. In this way, your career interests and our overall goals will be naturally united.

Working at Master

At Master, you will receive the benefits of:

  • very interesting and also challenging work
  • a pleasant working environment that respects the value of a work-life balance
  • competitive salary and excellent additional welfare benefits
  • a bright future

If you're a person with unique experiences, skills and a sense of enthusiasm, then we believe you should consider bring all of this and more to Master. You will be amazed at the breadth and potential of the opportunities on offer here. Just imagine the work you could accomplish and the resources that Master could provide you with in your quest to stand out from the crowd. Learn about our work, join our team, because here you have the chance to meet some extraordinary people and experience an extraordinary kind of life!